Land a job through our career support program!

Finding a new job isn’t easy — but we know you have what it takes to succeed.
Along with free access to a student advisor, our membership benefits program also includes free access to a specialised career coach. Continue reading to learn how your designated career coach can help you find a job.

What is a career coach?

A career coach is an industry expert who partners with candidates to strengthen their profiles and then help place them into job openings. Your coach emails you when you complete your training program — be sure to keep in touch if you ever need help finding a job!

What can my career coach help me with?

The job search process involves three key steps, all of which your career coach can help you with:

  1. Creating a strong resume
  2. Practicing your interview skills
  3. Generating job leads and applying to as many as possible

Can you help me set up job interviews with employers?

Yes, we can and would love to help set up interviews for you! TradeUp has a strong network of employer partnerships. Our employers post new job openings every quarter. To access these jobs set up your profile in the TradeUp Jobs Portal and reach out to hiring managers in your area.

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